Day 1 from a bartender onto a developer

Today was finally the D-day onto the journey of becoming a software engineer and developer. In previous to this, I had worked over a decade mostly within the service & hospitality industry as the Hawaii promotes. When we were given merely four days before a permanent closure of the restaurant and termination, I was rather worried which restaurant would accept a new applicant during the pandemic.

Fortunately, a different route has shown; a plan B. Much thanks to the friends before us; Austin, Dan, and Ryan introduced me to a developer opportunity offered by Jonathan. I have previously met Jonathan and had confidence in the program he offered. And what else could I ask for when the internship was paid?!

The initial thought however, had me in worries. It’s been years since I’ve done any sort of new development, thus I was outdated and under the dust. To freshen up a bit of knowledge I’ve slowly followed up with the download of programs and updated software that would be in use. Then we began. A section at a time in compiling a 2D shooter game. Some of the methods were different to how I would have originally had done it, but it looked cleaner and lighter.

We have about a month of this journey to better myself in the program, and perhaps further in the opportunity to educate myself then after.