Day 18, Bug Fixing, finalizing core programming

  • Player Ammo count of current/max, maximum of 150 ammos are set.
  • Negative pickup, pickup that randomly spawn 2–4 more enemy at a same time.
  • Enable enemy move in new way, there’s a second type enemy that moves along the top of the game so the player can’t thrust destroy the enemy.
  • Balanced spawning, implemented on both the enemy and pickups.
  • Enemy Shield, the one along the upper horizon comes with shield rather than the one that translates down towards the player.
  • Aggressive Enemy, the enemy that translates down dash towards the player within the radius.
  • Enemy pickup, enemy fires at will in order to destroy the pickup upon raycast.
  • Pick up collect, Pressing the C key absorbs the pickups from distanced.
  • Enemy Avoid Shot, the enemy that translates down towards vertical axis evades the shots fired by the Player.
  • Homing Projectile, a rare missile powerup are consumed to fire a detecting missiles towards the enemy.




Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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Ji Soo Ahn

Ji Soo Ahn

Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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