Day 2 Debug.LogError(“Just redo it”)

It’s the day 2 and my first challenge came as … I actually kind of still don’t get why the problem arose from the first place. As developing a 2D Shooter game, I came across finding my player aside from the lasers that it was supposed to be shooting. Because in prior to the transition, setting, prefabs the laser and the player had been perfectly aligned and none of the positioning was touch. But for some reason, it did just that. In a quick response after numerous tries, I just had to delete those misguided lasers which kept positioning away from the player and somehow return in the middle of the game, and recreated them. Made sure to reposition the player to default and recreated the lasers from the scratch. and Voila!

Now I’m onto the UI (User Interface) sector of the 2d Shooter game development, and for more. In the mean time, I know I’m way ahead of myself and not even sure if I’d be able to get there, but I’ve been searching for how to recreate the real world into the virtual reality where you can freely roam. Just an interesting idea to think about. Capture this reality.