Day 20, Animator workshop + Intro to Cinema

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readDec 14, 2020

This past Friday was an introduction to an animation + animator workshop done by Al within the GamedevHQ. He went in detail to what I had devlogged in the past day. The workshop consisted of setting animation of the ship including gust of wind using the smoke animation and changing its opacity to give a certain effect.

It was very informative. Mostly it was a review to what I had already done with the animation on my personal project. I found it kind of funny that I had wrote about this in my devblog just a day before this workshop. It was exactly the use of animator to control int float triggers and implementing this animation in the coding. One thing that I found very useful was making the gust of wind to follow the player and have it float not just stuck and following the player but laying an effect so it looks more naturally.

After so, I was very limited in time as I had changed the work status to a part time. So I didn’t have much time to deal with my own course work on cinematography. I am a bit concerned as the previous team members who had gone through the course had crashes with the program as it requires higher hardware to handle the rendering the video. I will soon find out if this would become a problem for me as well. I did build my station a few years back but it was at its top spec of its time. I am very hopeful that the station is able to handle the graphic rendering and doesn’t crash on me.

But within the intro sector of the cinematography, there was a function within the unity program in setting the cloud platform. We are given 1GB per unity account to handle and sync the work that we have. But this can fill up very quickly. So I was also researching whether setting up my own NAS at home with 42TB as a cloud to sync with unity was an option. I would have to do more researching and implementation. But I do have a 1u rack web server and a NAS that I can choose in between to handle the hard storage. This brought the geek out of me of the past who always wanted to learn the server-side of the set-up. :) Much more research and installation to come in the near future.