Day 21, Outlook + Personal Project

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readDec 15, 2020

Today started with a story that the State may be cutting the funds for the project job and perhaps would rather pay using our opportunity cost for simple unemployment payments. So instead of paying us to take on a new skillset for the hopeful industry, we would once again collect the unemployment with an open hand to the state & city while searching for where we can possibly get hired at. Well, it’s been a great ride it lasted and while I want to stay positive, expect the worst and hope for the best. So on we go with more resume and setting up portfolios.

But my project continues on. Today went with a gun implementation in the world I’m creating. I first created variables for the gun including:

gun name, range, accuracy, fire rate, reload time, damage, reload bullet count, current bullet count, max bullet hold, current bullet hold, retroaction, retroaction during fine sight, position for fine sight. that was like 17 lines off the ground. Then needed a public animator for the gun control, muzzle flash made with the particle system, and fire sound with an audio clip.

now that the gun script is done, gun controller brings in how the gun works.
serialize field brings in the current gun and private float of brought in current fire rate from the gun script. From the start, we bring in the audio source and we update. Gun fire rate is brought in to calculate the fire rate when it -= Time.deltatime to 0. then when the fire1 button is pressed && current fire rate is 0, we fire which updates the gun’s currentgun.firerate and shoots. and within shoot, played the audioclip of fire sound and initiate the particle system that has the muzzle flash effect.

I did break the Mesh of the animation the last minute, but the sound and shooting works. Also helped to check using the Debug.Log to make sure when the fire was initiated.