Day 24, In search…

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readDec 18, 2020

For the reason of uncertainty, I couldn’t concentrate much on the course work despite I started up early and on. What is available to us and what is the my possible best route for this moment? The thought lingered. Firstly, I updated my resume of my experience in the GameDevHQ. What would a month of work do in the real life of programming? I’m not sure, but everyone’s got to have started somewhere at some point. And it’s just the beginning of my new path. Though, things are still unsettled as to what the expectation should be and when the last coming date would be for this program. As for the islands other than Oahu, the participants’ last day is the 18th, Friday. For the residents of Oahu, our final date is set to be 10 days after that, Monday the 28th. After the morning meeting, I was able to stick around in the call with Aaron who showed an immeasurable knowledge over what we learned and of the industry he is experiencing. And I’ve been lucky to be following his devlogs on medium and his growth was so inspiring. But he also made sure I knew that he’s been following my personal project in the past days as well :). The people that we network with, and the knowledge that we gain in such a short amount of days given; the program that we were invited to was undoubtfully one of the most privileged experience I have had of this career thus far.

The most of us are still very uncertain, if we would be able to survive in this industry, or would we fall back to a comfort zone that really shouldn’t be a comfort zone anymore in the new coming trends. I too am one of the guilty in feeling this with a financial struggle to stay afloat in one of the most expensive cities within the US. I once even thought to move to another state or even another country in seek for something that is stable.

The city and the state have done what they could to keep us funded, but those funds within the CARES act is now to be shorted in matter of weeks. And I think just from what they have shown us through the very program that there are other options, they may have succeeded. I haven’t thought of other industries other than that of service and tourism, and the program with the GameDevHQ definitely broadened my personal views of career for myself.

In hopes to find something that would keep me afloat and sustainable, another day goes by; job searching, interviews, entrance exams…