Day 26, Job security

With the project coming to an end, it is essential that everyone in the team start looking for a job. As much as I want to continue to pursue the path, I don’t have the financial security enough to be sustainable at the current moment. I will have to find something that will give me some flexibility financially. I have done a couple of interviews including on and off of within the service industry. It may be irrelevant but the couple companies include something within the game industry as far as localization using the skillset of language and some background in development using C# and unity. And also, in the meantime for some safety, an interview for a restaurant as well. With these, I will have flexibility in translating/editing as well as working part time in the service industry if the financial aspect of security falls behind.

So I spent most of my time today with the interview and researching of job. The clock-in system however disappointed me today when I was unable to clock out from yesterday. The duplicate timesheet was created within a time period today that resulted me in incomplete clock-in time.



Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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