Day 27, Future note & current interest

I need to start thinking about the current personal project and the upcoming implementations. There are many things in mind and I’ve barely taken the first step into making anything. From the gun, I still need to input the recoil. Actual shot from the gun, HUD of ammo, weapon manager to handle multiple guns, melee weapon, Mining capacity, Sound manager, player status bar, item pickup, inventory, drag&drop capacity, revival items (food&potion), Animals (AI), Ai + player interaction, fire, building, invisibility of the cursor, Day & night, water & Swim & breathing under water, pause menu, main menu, and finally save&load for the current (json/mysql) whichever the database will be.

There are lot to think about as far as what can be in the game. Fortunately, there are lots of survival games out there to take the idea to base off of. But knowing what the industry norm is to save and what kind of database is preferred is something to think about and research. I am personally more used to the use of mysql. I understand that the unity do have the embedded function to save its own database system, but I might just have to parse to save on table each components. It’s just a constant reading and watching articles & videos of tutorials and notes.



Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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