Day 4, pew pew

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readNov 20, 2020


Making a slow progression through, we introduced the enemy to shoot a laser towards the player as well. However, despite codes to follow, the enemies kept getting destroyed by their own lasers. I needed to differentiate the enemy’s lasers and the players; and not one to be affected by their own weapon of use.

First implementation was changing the tag of lasers shot by the enemy. In the Enemy_laser prefab, I added a new tag. Instead of the normal laser, I added in “EnemyLaser” tag so that the enemies could avoid colliding with any lasers with the tag “Laser”. Also within the script of Enemy.cs,

if (other.gameObject.tag == “EnemyLaser”)

was added in order to nullify that if the enemy was shot by their own laser, nothing would happen to them and the lasers would simply pass on by without colliding or destroying the object. It was a simple fix, but kept me wondering at the time how I would implement it.

Another problem that I came across was the use of github. Fortunately enough, I’ve been used to the use of shell commands and the use of them came in very handy. However, as in before setting up the repository, we designated an .ignore which prevents upload of certain files. And github had a maximum capacity storage per file to 100MB. One of my players asset library seem to have surpassed the max capacity and wouldn’t upload the file. I tested multiple times and even ending up to upload to the repository without the certain file. However, during the testing times, when I ran the built program without the file in the folder, the entire player assets in the game was not showing. As much as I want to get stubborn with the problem and hang on to it until I can solve it, we are very limited to our time in the project and would have to move on for now. I will definitely come back to problem after making further progression going through the additional framework.