Day10, CoreProgramming-2

Two implementation today consisted of Auto-pickup, and homing missile projectile. The first implementation was fairly easier in comparison to the homing missile system. The latter is still under some trouble in its implementation. However, both have the new common element, “findwithtag”.

Auto-pickup was added by finding the gameobject with findwithtag under powerup when and during getkeydown: keycode-c. I wasn’t sure how it would draw the gameobject whether it is through the gravity or other variable, but there was also under vector, movetowards that draws an object to another. Currently though, the element seems to be able to get pulled through the entire screen and it is possible for one to just spam or keep the C key down the entire time and draw every single powerups in the system throughout the play. I want to eventually limit this by limiting the distance between the powerup and the player.

Homing missile projectile is still under its implementation too. I had challenges throughout whether the codes are to be added within the laser or a player script. But after looking through the scene, I find it that it should be under its own script to keep the rest of the codes organized and to simplify the overall. And since I will be restricting its use only to the player (as it’s almost like a hack for the enemies to be able to use them and manipulate the player completely). Currently, there’s a conflict of the missiles not projecting and not being able to find the tag enemy. So there needs to be better directing of the missiles to the appropriate gameObject.

Today was rather challenging trying to figure out the code that I’m not familiar with. Perhaps it’s also the time for me to go back and go through the other courses that explains more variables that would better help me put these affects in the system.

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