Day11, Debugging and Optimization

While progressing through the course work is important, being able to debug and make fixes to necessary part of the development is crucial. One of the gameObject that bugged me was the Thruster prefab. I had been debating whether I want to have the effect while simply moving the player or only while the thruster boost is on. I’ve decided to implement it in the end to only setActive true when the thruster boost is on. If the prefab shows for the every second a player presses directional axis buttons, that would look too lightly of the game of constant flickering lights behind the player.

The next thing is the homing missile. I’ve been working on this for a couple days. And the job of separating the script from where I had implemented started. I’ve originally input the additional functions within the player and laser part of the script and they needed to be separated to keep the scripts organized and to control collision of functions. However, I may have met the challenges of the missile not being able to recognize the target. This will need to be looked in. However, I may have to revisit at other times and also try to get other implementation done that I have more idea of how it can be done.

I’ve also had been planning to look through the other courses lately which will broaden my senses and expand my knowledge on how to implement the functions I want done. I will definitely revisit the basic c# courses.

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