Day17, Enable New Movement of Enemy + Personal Project2

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readDec 9, 2020


It’s the day 17 in the project to be a self-standing developer. And The shooter has been my baby of making. It’s already been about a week into the core programming but I’m not discouraged. Out of 20 minimum requirement, I’m currently at 16. 2 more implementation and it’s to the next curriculum.

So today’s addition was enabling a new movement to the enemy. I currently have a script of enemy moving down along the y axis. Using the Mathf.Sin(Time.time * _frequency) with the value of magnitude, I was able to recreate the movement of enemies waving down to the bottom of the screen.

Also, I needed to separate the current enemy with the previous movement and the new one. Enemy2 was made to differentiate the enemy in color and they were summoned through spawn manager in a randomized manner as with shield availability, different movement and in random probability.

I still do need to put in a new projectile system to the different variant of enemy in order to fulfill the last qualification. Also, I would have to implement some type of scaling bar, as I have used other method to fulfill the requirement in the framework section. So I’m thinking of making a flash launch that destroys all enemy on screen upon release: a new weapon system for the player.

It probably will destroy the game’s balance for the time being, but we will find a way. And the below is the ongoing personal project that I get to revisit maybe once a week.

Restarted Mapping the terrain. I used to use one giant heightmap and was mapping out the island.
Zoomed in for detail.. size not relatable?

Instead of using one giant height map to map out, I decided to pull a smaller scale of terrain and connect them like a puzzle. I am still having a bit of trouble to cleanly connect the two and in measuring the exact location of the terrain, but it will get better with practices.

I was going to walk to the ocean side to see the waters.. but let’s just settle for the view of the diamondhead.
ah what the hell, I’ll take you to the Waikiki beach :)