Day22, Null

Ji Soo Ahn
2 min readDec 16, 2020

Job Searching and perhaps decision making was the key of the day. With a short notice and lack of expectancy, everyone involved with the program perhaps started with the job searching. It is true that with growth of the pandemic, there has been more need for programmers in different industries. However, it is still hard for individuals who just entered the industry with either no or at most, little experience. The only option we have at the moment is to build portfolio based with whatever we’ve seen & experienced thus far. And that being, less than a month to the exposure of programming and scripting is what I have. Unfortunately, this is not enough unless getting into a volunteer project to a team of small groups perhaps with no pay.

Here, we decide whether we stick with the newly introduced industry or fall back to something that will pay the necessary bills in the meantime. While searching for job options, I also had to set up interviews on the industries that I had previously worked in; yet again, the tourism industry. The time has been short given and we have to make a living. As I am hesitant and lost at the moment, I still have lot that I have gained over the last month of time. I have opened my vision in the industry of programming and also started on my own project. But most importantly, met a valuable group of people who shared the same views, in the same environment.

As Hawaii is all about the connections and who knows whom, I was able to connect with someone who offered a job at an airline as a software engineer (which I also don’t have any experience in). But perhaps he mentioned the offer when I brought it up to him that I am doing my programming internship with the GameDevHQ. Qualification to enter that job may be an issue. But job is a job and you can’t miss on the opportunities.

It is fortunate that we still will have access to all of the GameDevHQ curriculum and asset bases that we can revisit and continue to learn the process. It’s a little hard to focus at the current moment however when the livelihood is in impact.

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