Day25, Global Workshop

Ji Soo Ahn
1 min readDec 21, 2020

Every Friday of the week, our GameDevHQ hold a workshop to share useful information and to make any necessary announcement to the group. As it was a last day attending for a good number of the group, as outer island funding had ended thus, this one was especially more important.

The workshop began with the presentation of our Project Team within. They finally published their project game in the 2.5 weeks of deadline. The below is the link to the ‘Nova Star’ that they published. I’ve been following a lot of whom worked on the project on Medium and they had been posting quite a bit of their accomplishments through their articles lately. It was finally open to the rest of the public and the presentation that they gave was superb. Props to the project team on their achievement. They will also be debugging on possible errors within the games in the upcoming days based on the feedbacks and from what they can possibly find thru version controls.

After the presentation was done, Jonathan, the founder of GameDevHQ gave a really neat presentation on the tips and guide to stay within the industry as a software engineer. The emphasis were made on importance of the uses in Medium articles of DevLogs, Linkedin to connect and network, and creation of online portfolio and resumes. The entire workshop prolonged for about 3 hours, ending with a Q&A session.