Day3, the First Challenge, “S”

Unlimited numbers of asteroid and no start of spawning enemy + powerups.

That was the first challenge I really had since the beginning of the coursework. I thought I had followed along pretty well and this wasn’t even a part of where we had to search in order to find the script necessary to come with an output. Straight from the course video and write along. the error message from the Unity was pointing at one area. line 36

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it.
Found the culprit.

After 30 minutes of searching through the entire script + within the other scripts as well, I’ve finally figured it out. I didn’t capitalized the S in start. That took all the energy out of me. And it definitely reminded me of the times when I was developing for the other things. Yes, I’m back to that time. . . With this as a reminder to not rush on things, we just carry on.