Day6, LaserCount

Today came into the 2nd day into the framework course. The goal was to create 15 laser count to the player and they are to be refilled when collectables collides. Also, a visual affect to show how many lasers are left and at a time of zero, to show the player that they can no longer shoot.

I took a little reference to how we dealt with the visuals of _lives within the ui.Manager. Upon firing of the laser, we subtracted the amount from full and updated the uiManager of the remaining laser count.

_laser -= 1;

When the laser collectibles are taken, _laser was refilled to 15 instead of adding on 1 at a time. It came to challenges as I kept forgetting one thing when implementing a powerup system. adding an audio source in one code but not setting it within the unity gave an error to even colliding with the prefab. This took a little time to retrack on what was done, but I need to keep it as a reminder for myself.

The last implementation to this effect was after use of all the given lasers. When all 15 lasers are shot and _laser = 0; we changed the value of SetActive in the gameObject consistently within the 0.5f second durations. Then the coroutine started to bring in the flickering effect. When the Laser collectibles are reloaded, it resets and the emblem stops blinking.

Today’s tasks took both in photoshop and unity with C#. I was debating whether I should take in the copyright_free images online in order to deal with the tasks, however the goal was to create something out of my set of skills and I wanted to take this more on myself.

The challenges however came with I read the phase 2 core programming, that We want to input current and max level of lasers into the screen as with the wave system. I understand that I’m not fully done with the framework, but I need to look ahead on what’s coming to me. I believe I can rework the number part and possibly make the laser count animation only on the last 15 lasers or even go down in increments of total available laser. This case would be 150 lasers in total and for every 10 lasers, one laser bar goes down while the counter goes on top.

As I came a little late to the course, I feel a bit rushed and am out of time to go through to show creativity part of the me. But a little late opportunities are still opportunities. Just be thankful and carry on.



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