Day7, The day of frustration

So unlike how I posted yesterday, it seems like there has been a bug with the laser count system that I had implemented. After the laser count has gone to 0 and Laser power up has been collected, the full laser counter HUD was still blinking for no remaining laser. It was weird because the coroutine request to stop had been put in. It’s always the coroutine that will give me the trouble.
After hours of inspecting, I created a private bool that updated to see _lowLaser and ienumerator to while _lowLaser == true instead of just ‘while’. So when currentlaser was !=0, _lowLaser = false was set, then the stopCoroutine, and finally, LaserCountPrefab to setActive=true. And this has fixed the problem that bothered me for hours.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only challenge today. As a Thruster system was added into the system, there has been a continuous error in regards display of cool downs and Thruster seconds left. I set the cool down to 5 seconds and Thruster time to 2. And I limited the thruster time to only 2 because the count down stops if your LeftShift key is not continuously pressed. and continues when the shift key is pressed. So you can use it for the emergencies instead of it running out when you really need it the most. Also the only reason why it has been nerfed to balance was because during the thruster, the spaceship becomes invincible. You may run into the enemy or the enemy_lasers, and it wouldn’t do a damage to the player. But I didn’t want an overuse of this system, so the balancing of reduction in time had to happen.
In this system, both the boosterActive and boosterCharging uses the same boostCurrentTime since they don’t ever run at a same time. And it probably took me near a quarter of a day trying to solve why one would not setActive when the other one deactivates. Of course, it was a simple overlook on the code. I had only put _uiManager.UpdateBoost(boostCurrentTime); on the Charging part and not after boosterActive. Thus, it was only showing for the charging time count down and disappear when Booster Left time is supposed to show.

I was hoping to get a good progress on today, but the error and debugging started from the beginning of the shift to the end of day. But I’m definitely getting the hang of finding joy in searching for implementation of creativity and to stick with what I want added in the system than to give up to find the other easy way. A bit of a slow start for the week, but I would be able to get to the core programming part by tomorrow.

Finished within the Framework:
Ammo Count, Ammo Collectible, Health Collectible, Camera Shake, Thruster, Thruster cool down.
I believe the HUD was supposed to put in for scaling bar, I will add that further within the core programming section. And if I have the time to brainstorm the idea, I’ll come back to add on the additional firepower as well.




Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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Ji Soo Ahn

Ji Soo Ahn

Software Developer @ GameDevHQ

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